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Fruit salad

I will not mention specific amounts here because it depends ultimately on the number of portions. It is also not necessary to use these particular fruits. You can improvise with what you have at hand. I will give you the original French recipe that will serve as a reference. Cut a ripe fig intoslices, and a peach into crescents. Mix the two fruits, add a little black currant and tamper with lemon juice and honey to taste. If you find a blackcurrant liqueur, add some of it in the salad. And pour a cup sparkling wine. Pour plenty of Yotovi's great cream. Put the fruit salad for an hour in the refrigerator, then serve. At this point some of you might say: "After all, healthy food should be delicious and cheap." Cheap, of course, because a bottle of Bulgarian sparkling wine costs about 2 BGN. I wish you good appetite!