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Butter "Tuida"

This is 100% natural product so no additives or preservatives added. The water level in the butter doesn't exceed 16% and the fat level is over 82%.

Packaging Information

package QTY in a box Boxes on a palette Palettes in a container
125 g
40 100 33

Few Recipes With This Product

Cheese in parchment

Cheese in parchment

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Butter Tuida

Nutrition Facts

Nutritive value for 100g of a current product.

Energy:3222 kJ
(770 kcal)
38.50% GDA*
Protein:0 g0.00% GDA*
Fats:82 g117.00% GDA*
Salt:0 g0.00% GDA*

*GDA - Guideline Daily Amount