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Natural product derived from cow's milk undergone a process of high temperature pasteurization. Homogeneous cream is thick white liquid with a creamy hue. With specific smell clean and slightly sweet taste. This delicious product can be listed for use in the preparation of excellent meals, sauces, soups and of course, exclusively in the confectionery industry. Without the addition of preservatives and stabilizers. Cream is a very useful sour-milk product. It is a product of milk, which contains lots of calcium, vitamins A and D and a significant amount of microelements, useful for human beings. The cream is useful for its high protein content - 2.2%. Fats that are significantly higher percentage are easily assimilated and this is why doctors recommend cream for people suffering from obesity and even those with diabetes.

Packaging Information

package QTY in a box Boxes on a palette Palettes in a container
10 kg
2 60 33

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Nutrition Facts

Nutritive value for 100g of a current product.

Energy:0 kJ
(0 kcal)
0.00% GDA*
Protein:0 g0.00% GDA*
Fats:0 g0.00% GDA*
Salt:0 g0.00% GDA*

*GDA - Guideline Daily Amount