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Processed cheese "Tuida"

Product obtained after heat treatment of cheese with added cheese, butter, and emulsifying salts. Characterized by a soft texture, delicate flavor and great taste. Suitable for direct consumption and for the garnishing of pizzas and sandwiches. Processed cheese "Tuida" represents an inexhaustible source of calcium and protein.

Packaging Information

package QTY in a box Boxes on a palette Palettes in a container
Processed cheese "Tuida"
200 g
40 60 33

Few Recipes With This Product

Chicken with smoked cheese and yogurt

Pour 2 tablespoons olive oil in a saucepan Jena (you can substitute the olive oil with...

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Processed cheese Tuida

Nutrition Facts

Nutritive value for 100g of a current product.

Energy:1218 kJ
(291 kcal)
14.50% GDA*
Protein:0 g0.00% GDA*
Fats:50 g71.40% GDA*
Salt:0 g0.00% GDA*

*GDA - Guideline Daily Amount